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Hot Roll 301stainless Steel Plate Factory Price
Hot Roll 301stainless Steel Plate Factory Price301 stainless steel is a metastable austenitic stainless steel with complete austenite structure under the condition of full solid solution. Among the stainless steels, 301 stainless steel is the most easily cold-deformed and strengthened steel. The strength and hardness of the steel can be improved by cold-deformed processing, and enough plasticity and toughness can be retained. In addition, the steel has good rust resistance under atmospheric conditions, but the corrosion resistance in reducing medium is not good, and the corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media is poor. Therefore, it is not recommended for corrosive environments.

1. Special designs according to customers' requirements!

2. Manufacture under quality control system---ISO9001:2000 strictly!

3. Easy to assemble and dismantle!

4. Eco-friendly material: can be used for several times and can be recycled!

5. High strength and stiffness, high weight bearing!



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