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201 Stainless Steel Sheet
201 Stainless Steel Sheet1. Widely used in Petroleum exhaust gas combustion pipelines
2.Silencer parts for diesel engines

     201 Stainless Steel Sheet has the ability to resist general corrosion similar to the unstable nickel-chromium alloy 304.




【Finish Characteristics】


【Applied Field】


  ◆ Petroleum exhaust gas combustion pipelines;

  ◆ Engine exhaust pipe;

  ◆ Boiler shell, heat exchanger, furnace parts;

  ◆ Silencer parts for diesel engines;

  ◆ Boiler pressure vessels;

  ◆ Chemical vehicle;

  ◆ Expansion joints;

  ◆ Spiral welded pipes for furnace pipes and dryers;


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