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Steel Angle Bar
Steel Angle Bar1.Angle steel can form a variety of force components according to the different structure needs, and can also be used as connectors between components.
2.Angle steel is mainly used in a variety of construction structure.

Steel angle bar can be composed into different bearing components with different structures, it can also be used as joint pieces between the components. Angle steel is mainly used in a variety of construction structure and engineering structures such as factory, bridges and vehicles as large structure steels; also be used in steel towers and well stand as components.




Steel Angle Bar

【Type specifications】

Mainly divided into equal corner steel and unequal corner steel two categories, of which the unequal corner steel can be divided into unequal edges and other thick and unequal edge of the unequal thickness of two kinds.

Steel Angle BarSteel Angle Bar
Steel Angle BarSteel Angle Bar

【Packing & Shipping】

as per standard seaworthy package or as customer's requirement.


【Applied Field】

Construction and machine structure pipe, building material tube, agriculture equipment, water and gas pipe, etc.



Steel Angle Bar

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