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Acid-resistant, Alkali-resistant 201 Stainless Steel Tube
Acid-resistant, Alkali-resistant 201 Stainless Steel Tube201 Stainless Steel pipe has: acid, alkali, High density, no pinhole, etc., is the production of various cases, the bottom cover of the bracelet high-quality materials.

The 201 stainless steel tube can be used in the manufacture of decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some light-stretched products.

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【Production process】

A. Round bar preparation; b. heating; c. hot-rolled perforation; d. Cutting head; E. pickling; F. grinding; G. lubrication; H. Cold rolling processing; I. degreasing; J. Solution Heat treatment; K. straightening; L. pipe; M. pickling; N. finished product Inspection.


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