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440F Stainless Steel Pipe
440F Stainless Steel Pipe1.440F excellent mechanical properties, high fatigue resistance, good elasticity and blade quality.
2..440F: is to improve the performance of 440C steel grades of the easy to cut.
3..440F Stainless Steel : Two kinds of hot-rolled and cold rolled by the method of making.

●440F small tolerance (can reach half wire) high precision, smooth surface, no skin, roll marks and other phenomena.

●Roll out for the straight state, small deviation, to ensure straightness (generally 3 meters 1MM), will not appear "chain knife bending" phenomenon.


440F Stainless Steel Pipe


 ●For automatic lathes.

●Martensitic stainless steels have the properties of hardening through quenching, as do ordinary alloy steels.

●By selecting the grade and heat treatment conditions to obtain a large range of different mechanical properties.

440F Stainless Steel Pipe

440F Stainless Steel Pipe

【Applied Field】

●Widely used in the production of electronic components.

●Precision welded pipe and other fields to replace imported high-precision stainless steel special materials.

440F Stainless Steel Pipe

440F Stainless Steel Pipe

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