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440C Stainless Steel Pipe
440C Stainless Steel Pipe1.High hardness wear-resistant sus440c stainless steel tube.
2. 440C has the highest hardness in all stainless steel and heat-resisting steels.
3. 440C Stainless Steel Carbon content c-1.2% This steel has good rust resistance.

●440C stainless steel is currently imported mass production of knives more commonly used stainless steel.

●Its chromium content up to 16-18%, is also the earliest used for cutting tool production of one of the stainless steel, popular.


440C Stainless Steel Pipe

【Chemical composition】


440C Stainless Steel Pipe


●It heats up very quickly when polished.

●440C annealing temperature is very low, hardness can usually reach hrc45-54

●If the cryogenic treatment, the hardness can reach hrc56-58.


【Applied Field】

●It is mainly used to manufacture bearing parts which work in corrosive environment and without lubrication and strong oxidizing atmosphere.

●Can be used to make high-quality knives, such as medical scalpel, scissors, nozzles, bearings, etc.

440C Stainless Steel Pipe

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