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440A Stainless Steel Pipe
440A Stainless Steel Pipe1.SUS440A high abrasion resistant stainless steel tube.
2.SUS440A Stainless steel hardening state, hard.
3.SUS440A high toughness.

SUS440A Stainless Steel Standard: JIS

SUS440A Stainless steel hardening state, hard, but higher than sus440b, 11cr17 toughness.


440A Stainless Steel Pipe

【Chemical composition】

 C :0.60~0.75



 S :≤0.030

 P :≤0.040




440A Stainless Steel Pipe


●Hardness: annealing, ≤255HB, quenching and tempering, ≥54HV

●Heat Treatment Specification: 1 annealing, 800~920℃ slow cooling, 2 quenching, 1010~1070℃ oil cold, 3       empering, 100~180℃ fast cold.

●Delivery status: Generally in the state of heat treatment delivery.

【Applied Field】


SUS440A stainless steel used as cutting tools, measuring, bearing.

440A Stainless Steel Pipe

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