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430 Stainless Steel Pipe
430 Stainless Steel Pipe1.430-ferritic Body Stainless Steel.
2.Good molding quality.
3.430 Stainless Steel tube--s43000 (USA aisi,astm) has a very good decorative effect.

430 stainless steel pipe in accordance with the United States ASTM standard production of a stainless steel brand.


430 Stainless Steel Pipe

430 Stainless Steel Pipe


 ●Excellent deep-blanking performance.

●It has strong corrosion resistance to oxidizing acid, and has certain corrosion resistance to lye and most  organic acid and    inorganic acid. Strong stress corrosion cracking ability.

●High antioxidant capacity, suitable for heat-resistant equipment.

●Cold-rolled product appearance brightness good, beautiful.

●The price is cheap.



【Applied Field】

Mainly used in the mild atmosphere of high polished decorative uses, such as gas stove surface, home appliances parts, tableware, building decoration, washing trough, washing machine barrel and so on.


430 Stainless Steel Pipe


430 Stainless Steel Pipe

430 Stainless Steel Pipe

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