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416 Stainless Steel Pipe
416 Stainless Steel Pipe1.Martensite Type Stainless Steel 416.
2.416 is easy to cut martensite stainless steel.
3.Stainless steel 416 Added sulfur improves the material's processing performance.

416 Stainless steel with low carbon content, good corrosion resistance, 416 is easy to cut martensite stainless steel, can be strengthened through heat treatment, 416 of strength and machinability than 304 and 316 good, friction coefficient is small.


416 Stainless Steel Pipe


● Heat Treatment Specification: 1 annealing, 800~900℃ slow cold or about 750 ℃ fast cold, 2 quenching, 920~980℃ oil cold, 3   tempering, 600~750℃ is fast cold.

● Metallographic structure: The microstructure is characterized by the martensite shape.

● Delivery status: Generally in the state of heat treatment delivery.

【Chemical composition】










416 Stainless Steel Pipe

416 Stainless Steel Pipe

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