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201 Stainless Steel Pipe
201 Stainless Steel Pipe1.Excellent Corrosion Resistance
2.High density without pinhole
3.Mainly use in industrial pipe

201 stainless steel pipe is prepared for round steel, acid and alkali resistant steel pipe.





 ●  201 stainless steel tube with: acid, alkali, high density, no pinholes, etc.,

 ●  201 stainless steel pipe is the production of a variety of case, strap bottom cover high quality 


 ●  201 stainless steel pipe can be used to make decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some shallow stretched products.

 ●  201 stainless steel tube for physical properties



【Applied Field】


Typical applications for 200 series are cookware, hose clamps, piston rings, transit car structural member,

Transit car roofing/siding, thermal window spacers, air bag containers, and truck trailer posts and door frame,Decoration construction, upholstery, industry instrument

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