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Stainless Steel Tee
Stainless Steel Tee1.Two types of tee used in piping
2.Equal tee (straight tee) most common
3.Unequal tee (reducing tee)

Stainless steel pipe tee is a short piece of pipe with 90 degree branch ate center,Tees can connect pipes of different diameters or change the direction of a pipe run,or both.Available in a variety of material,sizes and finishes,they may also be used to transport two-fluid is used to combine or divide fluid flow.


There are two types of tee used in piping ,equal tee (straight tee)and unequal tee (reducing tee,with equal tees the most common,In equal tee,the diameter of the branch is same as the diameter of the run pipe.In reducing tee,diameter of the branch size is smaller than diameter of the run pipe.






【Applied Field】


Stainless steel pipe tee used to combine or divide fluid flow.

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