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What Are Some 2019 Steel Market
Dec 18, 2018

Researcher Ningzhou believes that in 2018, the domestic steel market from the supply side dominated the price trend, the year-round steel price high shock. Steel industry benefits continue to maintain a good state, the year-round crude steel supply and demand tight balance.

What Are Some 2019 Steel Market

Looking ahead to 2019, Wang Jianhua and other industry analysts believe that steel prices will be reasonable return, steel production enterprises profits return, regional differences are obvious. Steel raw materials market will show a differentiated situation.

Relevant industry experts believe that the steel industry will gradually enter a new stage of high-quality development, iron and steel enterprises should be closely linked to market changes. Shaanxi Kimberly Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. will grasp the development trend of the industry layout. (Source: Xinhua)

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