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The Steel Market Will Enter A New Operating Cycle
Nov 21, 2018

Market, the domestic five major steel social inventory fell for six consecutive weeks, operating in low, and lower than the same period last year level; Sample enterprise rebar, which was surveyed in China, traded 74745.5 tonnes in Sunday, an increase of 8.31% over the previous week.The original fuel market, last week, the price of domestic iron powder rose steadily, imported iron ore small fluctuations, stable and healthy, the volume of iron ore in the inside and outside of the week significantly reduced, the port spot transaction is also relatively light;

The steel market will enter a new operating cycle

Industry, from 15th into the heating season, the relevant areas to fully implement the heating season production restrictions policy, from the current implementation of environmental protection policy, some areas become more stringent, the upstream and downstream supply and demand have been inhibited;Judging from the current changes in steel social inventory, it still runs low and continues to decline.

China's five major steel stocks in addition to the National day when the week small rise, after six consecutive weeks of decline, is now below the level of the same period last year, indicating a basic balance between supply and demand.It is expected that this week the domestic steel market first suppressed, but the short-term overall does not change the shock weak operation pattern.