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Silver Ten-Steel Market Look Here
Oct 08, 2018

For the national day after the trend, we expect the last half week 304,304l,305,321 201,202,301,302, the trend is stable or accompanied by a small rebound, the next half week 316,316l,347 309s,310,409,430,434 or have fallen, There are four reasons for this:


  1. October is the traditional driving time, combined with policy, the current real estate holding strong, infrastructure will pick up, October demand for steel still have a better pull;

  2. During the national day, the market wait-and-see atmosphere is more dense, more than the overall general bias, for the period after the inventory data, expected to empty, tired inventory to be further digested after the period;

  3. The oversold does not rule out there is a small rebound may be stable, but the overall trend is weak, the completion of the repair of the bottom still need some time.

    To sum up, expected after the trend rebound after the fall, focusing on the stock data of the WEEK. But also do not rule out the market is expected to exist in the National Day holiday library, the first weak minor adjustment and then rebound small probability possible. The proposed optimization of resource allocation, Good inventory management, short-term market volatility, every high profit positive Move.