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September Steel Circulation Industry PMI For 50.0 Steel Circulation Link Inventory May Appear A Gradual Rebound
Sep 29, 2018

The main features of this month's steel circulation operation are as follows:

Demand for steel circulation slowed. The Sales Index and order index of steel-circulating enterprises fell after a two-quarter high in August, and the sales index fell 1.7% to 50.0, still above the critical point, indicating that market demand in September slowed somewhat, but the overall release level was still better. Order index 49.5%, down 2%, taking into account the timeliness of the order index, demand slowdown will continue to affect demand performance next month.


The stock of steel circulation is now showing signs of rebound. The stock index of steel-circulating enterprises in September was 48.6, up 0.1% from a month earlier. In the sample companies, the inventories of small steel distribution companies with annual sales of less than 100,000 tonnes have continued to decline, but the stock index of steel-circulating companies with annual sales of 10.5 million tonnes and 501 million tonnes has rebounded. In addition, the arrival rate index is 0.5% higher than the previous month, indicating that steel production enterprises to the flow of speed, combined with sales and order index decline trend, is expected October 304,304l,305,321 201,202,301,302,316,316l,347 309s,310,409,430,434 Steel Circulation Link inventory may appear in a phased rebound.