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Pickling Plate (roll)
Oct 11, 2018

Pickling plate is a high-quality hot-rolled sheet as raw materials, pickling unit to remove the oxide layer, cutting edge, finishing, surface quality and use requirements (mainly cold-formed or stamping performance) between the hot-rolled plate and cold-rolled plate between the intermediate products, is a part of hot-rolled plate and cold-rolled plate ideal alternative products.

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Compared with hot-rolled plate, the advantages of pickling plate mainly lies in: 1) surface quality, because the hot-rolled pickling plate to remove the surface of the tin oxide, improve the surface quality of steel, easy to weld, oil and paint. 2) The size of the high-precision, flat, can make a certain change in the shape of the plate, thereby reducing the deviation of the roughness. 3) Improve the surface finish, enhance the appearance effect. 4) can reduce the pollution caused by the user dispersed pickling. Compared with the cold-rolled plate, the advantages of pickling plate is to ensure the quality of the use of the requirements of the premise, so that users effectively reduce procurement costs. At present, many enterprises on the high performance of steel, low cost to put forward more and more high requirements. With the continuous improvement of rolling technology, the performance of hot-rolled sheet is approaching to the cold-rolled plate, so that the "hot substituting cold" technology can be realized.

It can be said that the pickling plate is between the cold-rolled plate and hot-rolled plate between the performance of a relatively high price of a product, has a good market prospects for development. However, from now on, pickling plate in our country in the use of various industries has just started, professional pickling plate production from September 2001 Baosteel pickling production line began.