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October 12 Steel Price Trend
Oct 12, 2018

Kimberly Steel Procurement Butler reminds you of today's latest spot market:

Hot Rolled flat/6/Q235/tax-included price: $ 677/ton

Cold rolled flat/1/spcc/tax-included price: $ 4754/ton

H Steel/400*200/Q235/tax-included price: $ 692/ton Channel Steel/No. 10th *6 Meter/Q235/tax-included price: $ 703 /ton


The domestic commodity futures market has also been affected, many have fallen, but in the environmental protection limited production good, the thread steel, Coke, coking coal futures relative anti-fall; the latest industry agency data show that this week domestic thread social inventory and steel mills inventories both declined, showing that after October, the terminal demand remains strong, driving overall steel inventory decline; Spot prices maintain relatively smooth operation, steel futures price trend differentiation, strong thread hot coil weak.