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How To Plan 2019 Steel City Wide Concussion
Dec 20, 2018

Monetary policy was looser in 2019, fiscal policy was more positive, infrastructure investment was an important engine, and real estate investment remained high.

The biggest factor in determining that China's steel demand will not fall in 2019 is also the continued medium-speed growth of China's macro-economy in the new Year. As long as China's macroeconomic and fixed asset investment, industrial production and other indicators also maintain a relatively high level of positive growth, China's steel consumption demand is expected to be maintained.

How To Plan 2019 Steel City Wide Concussion

The volume of steel exports is likely to pick up in China's overall steel demand structure. If the Sino-US trade talks are successful, the indirect export of steel will be more, which will also provide support for the continued growth of China's aggregate steel demand in the new year. (Source: Lange Steel)

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