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How To Get The Smarter Manufacturing Of Steel
Nov 02, 2018

November 1, an artificial intelligence forum in Shanghai connected Treasure Place, the internet is China Bao-Wu group to revitalize the stock industrial land of Large park project, this forum is also by the Chinese Baowu and Shanghai Yangpu District People's government jointly organized, belonging to the seventh session (2018) Baosteel Academic Annual meeting of the Sub-Forum.

 Why is a traditional industrial manufacturing company hosting an AI forum and inviting experts from Microsoft, Baidu, Synopsys Technology, Siemens, and AI to explore the most cutting-edge technologies of AI?

How to get the "smarter manufacturing" of steel

 "Green steel and smart manufacturing are two of the most important topics in the global steel industry, including the survival of green steel Relations enterprises, the development of intelligent manufacturing relationship." "Zhihao, chairman of Baosteel's Communist Party secretary, pointed out to reporters.

How to get the "smarter manufacturing" of steel

"Now the city's increasing demand for environmental protection, which is the biggest challenge faced by many City steel mills, only Baoshan base iron-smelting area accumulated in the environmental transformation of investment in more than 10 billion yuan," Chen Derong to reporters, and the increasing environmental pressure, but also to the joint reorganization of steel mills to provide opportunities, China Baowu next step will further increase the industry integration efforts. (Source: First finance)