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How Much Concentration Of The Top 10 Chinese Steel Companies Is Expected In 3 Years
Nov 19, 2018

According to authoritative sources, the relevant policies are currently led by the NDRC, the Ministry of Industry and Information industry and other departments, the relevant associations to cooperate in the formulation.The policy will encourage enterprises with conditions to implement cross-regional and cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions in accordance with the principle of enterprise as the main body, government guidance and market-oriented operation, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the iron and steel industry.

How much concentration of the top 10 Chinese steel companies is expected in 3 years

Zhang Zhixiang, president of the all-associated metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, said that in 2017, China's top 10 steel enterprises accounted for less than 37% of the country, from 60% of the steel industry concentration target is still a big gap.

In 2017, the top two steel companies in South Korea accounted for 89.2% of the country's total production, according to the Lange Iron and Steel Research Center monitoring data.Japan's top three steel companies accounted for 81.5% of the country's total production;Russia's top four steel companies account for 78% of the country's total production;The top three steel companies in the United States account for 57.7% of the country's total production.

How much concentration of the top 10 Chinese steel companies is expected in 3 years

Zhoshizi, honorary president of the All-China Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, said that from now on, it is expected that in three years, the top 10 concentration of Chinese steelmakers will reach 60%.