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Four Quarters Steel Price Expected High Volatility
Sep 28, 2018

Chuan Choi Securities Research reported that the environmental protection of limited production turn to refinement. Combined with the release of "Tangshan Key industries in the autumn and winter differential peak production performance evaluation Guidance", the follow-up limited production area of the steel mills limited production amplitude or depending on the level of environmental improvement of the steel works, limited production implementation from the "one-size-fits-all" to "one factory One policy" evolution.


September 19, Tangshan government formally released the key industry autumn and winter differential peak production opinion. The scheme requires the implementation of differential peak production according to the evaluation level. The evaluation index is divided into common index and difference index, the steel industry differentiation index mainly for emission standard, external transport structure, product value added three aspects, the iron and steel enterprises are divided into ABCD four categories: A-type enterprises in the autumn and winter period is not wrong peak production; Class B Enterprises in the autumn and winter peak 30% C-Type enterprises in the autumn and winter period of the peak of 50% or so, D-type enterprises in the fall and winter period of 70% or so, sintering (pelletizing) process all discontinued. (Source: China Securities Daily).