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Cold, Hot Rolled Coil Prices Do Not Have The Conditions For Upsurges
Nov 22, 2017


  In May, the market price of cold and hot-rolled coils oscillated, rising and falling. Operators were cautious about the market outlook. Li Zhongshen, general manager of Shanghai Ruikun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. believes that in the short-term, the prices of cold and hot-rolled coils will be dominated by small fluctuations, and the conditions for sharp rises are not yet available.

On June 14th, the prices of cold-rolled coils in the Shanghai market were as follows: Anshan Iron & Steel produced 1.0mm CRC quoted at 4,690 yuan/ton, Anshan Iron and Steel produced 1.0mm cold-rolled sheet quoted at 4,720 yuan/ton; Bengang produced 1.5mm cold Rolled plate price is 4660 yuan/ton; Baowu Group's 1.0mm cold-rolled plate price from Wuhan Iron and Steel Company is quoted at 4,710 yuan/ton; 1.0mm cold rolled coil quotation from Shougang, Hegang Tangsteel, Hegang Steel, Xicheng, etc. For 4670 yuan / ton ~ 4700 yuan / ton. In the same period, the prices of hot-rolled coils in the Shanghai market were generally 4260 yuan/ton to 4,470 yuan/ton.