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After The Steel Market Opened Red
Oct 10, 2018

second, the holiday period from the international side of the news, the domestic implementation of the key node, the release of liquidity, hedging off part of the negative impact, and produced a continuous easing of capital expectations, to fill the gap in the end of the general lack of FUNDS. While the immediate effects on the entity may not be apparent in the short term, this expectation is a boost to market Sentiment. This sentiment is also inevitable by the capital Dongfeng Occasion.

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In addition, note that the market is concerned about the inventory situation is indeed rising, some areas even appear a certain backlog, but the spread of the various varieties of growth is not very large, compared with the last year, or even basically equivalent. In the later stage, the Steel City can be a good start to continue, mainly to see whether the demand is resilient, the final can be a strong match is very important, which determines the market arrival of the digestion progress and price pace and Direction. Then there is the real implementation of environmental protection, whether it can continue to be strongly supported from the supply Side.