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Wire rod
Oct 10, 2018

Classification and use of wire rod according to steel grades can be divided into Low-carbon steel, high-quality carbon, alloy steel, stainless steel wire rod, According to the use of electrodes, Low-carbon steel wire, rope for 

wire, piano wire and spring steel wire rod, According to the use of the hot-rolled state of direct use and the need for further cold processing products. Hot-rolled wire rods are used in the construction industry when used directly, and serve as smooth Bars. Wire rods as raw materials through drawing and cold heading can be made of various types of steel wire, wire products and screw rivets, such as standard parts, wire rod production generally accounted for the production of hot-rolled steel 8%~12%.


Disk weight and line diameter increase disk weight, reduce line diameter, improve the internal quality of wire rods and full-length dimensional accuracy and uniformity of the organization, is the main development direction of wire rod Production. With the development of production, the disk weight of the wire rod has increased from the past hundreds of kilograms to 2. 5t or More. To increase the disk weight of the wire mill, it is advantageous to improve the productivity of the mill, reduce the number of hits, reduce the hole type wear and the probability of accidents, is conducive to automatic control of the rolling mill, can reduce the cutting tail, improve the metal YIELD. For products that require further cold processing, the number of joints and the loss of joints can be reduced, and the productivity of cold machining will be reduced.

The accuracy of the cross section dimension and the uniformity of the length of the whole wire rod are the important external quality index of the wire rod. This is more important for further cold processing of the wire rod, it can reduce the uneven deformation of the drawing and the uneven wear of the drawing die, to prevent the resulting wire rod performance unevenness and Disconnection. With the development of precision rolling technology, the sectional dimension tolerance of wire rod has been controlled in ±0. 30~±0. Within 15, the roundness is controlled in the ≤0. 40~0. Within 24mm, the full-length dimension tolerance is controlled at 0. Within 2mm.