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Tianjin Iron and Steel Capacity is strictly controlled at 20 million tons in 2018
Apr 03, 2018

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Recently, Tianjin City formulated and announced the "Tianjin City Air Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan for 2018" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"). The "Proposal" proposed to focus on cracking the "steel fortress" issue. Before the end of August 2018, formulate and implement plans for the structural adjustment and layout optimization of the steel industry, clarify the train of thought and direction for the adjustment of the steel industry in the city, determine the adjustment tasks and goals for the key areas, and promote the concentration of steel industry, production capacity reduction, high-end products, and system optimization. To comprehensively improve the level of sustainable development of the steel industry, and gradually crack the "steel siege" issue. In 2018, the steel production capacity in the administrative area of the city is strictly controlled at 20 million tons.