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Scrap Steel market price range concussion upstream
Oct 11, 2018

National day before and after the domestic scrap market price range concussion upstream. East, Central, south, north, northeast and other key steel mills according to their own circumstances to adjust the purchase price.

Key Steel Enterprise scrap average purchase price compared with the previous period, heavy scrap prices increased by 18 yuan/ton, medium scrap price increase of 27 yuan/ton, the cost of scrap steel increase 21 yuan/ton. Steel Pig Iron purchase price is flat.


 East China Scrap steel market overall stability. Shandong Stone Transverse Special steel heavy scrap purchase price increase of 40 yuan/ton, West King metal up 50 yuan/ton, other key steel enterprises hold steady wait and see.

The key steel Enterprise heavy qualified material purchase price is 2100 yuan/ton ~2900 yuan/ton, medium qualified material purchase price is 1280 yuan/ton ~2854 yuan/ton.