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Martensite type heat-resisting steel
Oct 12, 2018

Martensite type of heat-resisting steel is generally quenched and tempered with high temperature after the use of such steels in part is developed on the basis of 1cr13 martensitic stainless steel, the use of the state is tempered martensite. This type of steel mainly includes for the manufacture of turbine blades and the manufacture of gasoline engines or diesel engine exhaust valves and other two types of steel. The former has a chromium content of 100-/0~130-/0, while adding a small amount of W. MO.V and other elements to improve the recrystallization temperature of the matrix and to form a stable carbide, further strengthening the matrix. This kind of steel has good creep resistance and damping performance under 500C. Commonly used are Cr13,2cr13 ' Lcriimov, 15cr12mov, 15cr12wmova, etc., mainly for the manufacture of steam turbine blades, guide blades, low-pressure gas turbine impeller and so on.


 Martensitic heat-resistant steels are generally heated and quenched above LOOOCC to ensure full dissolution of all carbides and effective use of alloying elements, and then oil or air cooling. Tempering temperature should be regarded as workpiece operating temperature and performance requirements selected, generally higher than the use of temperature 100 ℃, attention to avoid tempering brittle zone. After tempering the air-cooled or oil-cooled, its microstructure is more stable tempering troostite or tempering sorbite.